Photography and Styling

Salis Studio is a creative collaboration between a photographer and a stylist, specialising in food and life style photography. Together they are translating their passion for food, travel, art and aesthetics into a creative vision for commercial, corporate and editorial use for major brands.


Yossi Salis a photographer specialising in food, cosmetics and life style photography. He is working with major food corporations, advertising companies and graphic design studios. Creating commercial branding, packaging, catalogues and ad campaigns. He is a frequent contributor for culinary and women magazines as well as numerous culinary publications and cook books.


Natasha Haimovich is a food stylist and chef with a degree from the Culinary Program at New York New School. She is cooking and styling for food and life style editorials for major culinary and women magazines from Yedioth Aharonot Group. She is an author, a creative designer, and a food stylist for several successful culinary publications of cook books.